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If the game doesn't work on your computer...

You might be playing the game in a web browser that processes the game's JavaScript code differently than other browsers. Super Rainbow Dash most definitely works in Firefox and Chrome, so playing it in one of those browsers may solve your problem.

This game is very difficult!


Up or W - Move Rainbow Dash upward
Down or S - Move Rainbow Dash downward

Backspace or Esc - Return to level selection
Enter - Start game / Start level / Retry Level / Return to level selection, depending on the context

Left or A - Select Level
Right or D - Select Level

The game automatically adjusts to fit your browser window. This means that one can play Super Rainbow Dash fullscreen by enabling it within the web browser (usually by pressing F11)

Gameplay tips

It doesn't matter if you go off the top or bottom of the screen, you'll loop around to the other side.
Only the tip of Rainbow Dash's hoof needs to avoid obstacles; it doesn't matter if the rest of her body touches them.