Data Structure

by Brambleshadow4

Use arrow keys to move
Teleport to spawn by pushing Z
Create new spawn point by pushing X
Hold W to draw - Hold E to erase

Press [Esc] to save and quit!

This game can be confusing. It goes beyond the typical maze experience in that you are not navigating a grid, you are navigating a data structure. This means that one step left, right, up, or down can lead you to anywhere, and it might not be possible to get back to where you started easily. Fear not though; you are equipped with tools to help you navigate this mess! At any time you can push Z to go instantly back to your spawn, and you can change this point by acquiring coins and sub sequentially pushing X. You also can draw on the ground by pressing W and E. Use both of these tools to assist you in your escape from the data structure.